Growing Together Pilot Q & A

Growing Together Pilot Q & A

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Video Sections

  • Time – What is the time commitment? Beginning or .30
  • Free – The pilot is free? Full courses free? Yes! 1:07
  • Recording – Can we use this recording to share with others? 1:50
  • Contact – What is the best way to contact Growing Together? 3:03
  • Number of Participants – Is there a minimum number of participants from a congregation? 3:35
  • Session Flow – Flow of session time?  6:30
  • Interfaith – Is this an interfaith and/or multifaith initiative? 7:46
  • Feedback – Will there be opportunities to give feedback throughout the pilot? 10:24
  • Advocacy – How is policy and advocacy addressed? 17:43
  • Registration by Dec 15 – Is there a registration form? Is this a competition and do we need to hurry up and get signed up? 13:10
  • Next Steps – Thank you and next steps 21:18


Pilot Information

Growing Together is a free program, toolkit, and community building resource, designed for the church.  Together, we engage congregations in faith-based conversations for practical applications of environmental healing and justice, in church and home contexts.

Throughout the program, we deepen into the spiritual, scientific, and social dimensions of creation care, and explore how reintegrating it as a core value in our faith helps us be more wholehearted agents of God’s love, reconciliation, and social healing in the world. 


Pilot Registration

As long as at least one person from your church is registered, we can continue to add additional participants at any time. This program is free for all. 

5 Sessions, 1 Session per Month, Jan – May 2021.  Sessions will be held on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7pm EST AND 7pm PST.

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