Growing Together Session 3

Growing Together Session 3

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Recording of Growing Together Session 3: Purchasing – Living Simply & Justly.  This segment includes an interview with Dr. Ruth Valerio regarding her book Just Living.   Also included is a case study for churches comparing compostable products to reusable products for food service. 

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Video Time Codes

00:00:00 Welcome
00:03:10 Prayer
00:07:25 Plan for time
00:08:47 Purchasing: Living Simply & Justly Intro
00:10:25 Dr. Ruth Valerio Introduction
00:12:15 Dr. Ruth Valerio Interview
00:24:45 Breakout Room Discussion
00:26:10 Purchasing Introduction & Overview
00:40:25 Hope Community Church Case Study
01:03:30 Purchasing Discussion & Feedback
01:10:00 Going Deeper and Next Steps

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